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Why Ketto?

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    Ketto is Asia's most-visited crowdfunding platform with the largest funding community (
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    Starting a fundraiser on Ketto is FREE
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    There is no penalty if you don't raise the total amount. Whatever funds you raise will still get disbursed
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    You can create and personalize your fundraiser page in minutes
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    You can bedazzle your fundraiser story with several images, videos and even list rewards that you can give your supporters
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    Ketto's experienced content and design team will help curate your page so it looks top-notch
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    You get tried and tested, result-oriented marketing tips and ideas to make your fundraiser a success
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    You get instant updates on your fundraiser's progress via email and SMS
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    You get any queries answered in seconds via our 24/7/365 Instant Chatting interface
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    You can offer your supporters several modes to make contributions on Ketto - cash, cheque and online transactions

Benefits of crowdfunding

  • Creative crowdfunding

    Get instant validation for your idea. Reduce the amount of time you spend on ideas that turn out not to be viable.
    Test markets and assess demand for your project.
    Generate buzz around your brand and establish a marketing platform that resonates with the target market.
    Receive instant feedback during the project-building testing stage. Continue improving your project and receiving feedback at each stage of your crowdfunding process. Improve your project before it launches on a larger scale.
  • Social crowdfunding

    Decrease the cost of retail fundraising
    Increase your network of funders
    Diversify your funding base
    Increase awareness of your project