Funds Raised

World For All Animal Care & Adoptions is a Mumbai-based animal welfare organisation, that has revolutionised the model of stray animal adoptions. Apart from adoptions, the NGO also conducts rescues and sterilisations of the stray animal population.

Our Story It all started off with a single rescued puppy that needed to be homed. A page was created on Facebook for the little puppy's adoption, and surprisingly, before we knew it, the page members were in the thousands and the rescued animals gradually reached hundreds.

Eventually, we started getting calls from animals that needed rescuing, and we started putting them up for adoption. The community grew stronger as more and more animal lovers came together to support the cause and more people started opening their hearts and homes to the street animals.

On the 17th of January 2010 World For All Animal Care & Adoptions was formally inaugurated as an animal welfare NGO.

Our Vision

"One day every stray animal in India will be treated with love, dignity and compassion and will find a place in our homes, hearts and lives."